R&D and Project Development

About R&D and Project Development

R&D and Project Development is one of our main services . We have a team of expert Leaded by Dr. Soumen Palit. Dr. Palit has huge experience in agricultural fields like Organic farming, cultivation of commercial crops, agricultural product formulations, Green house technology and marketing etc.
The benefits of our services are

1. Use of proper technology
2. Following exact procedures in cultivation and farming
3. Prevent Loss and Damages
4. Helps in Marketing
The areas where we offer services are as follows :
1. Green house technology
2. Cultivation of off season crops
3. Cultivation of commercial crops, medicinal plants
4. Horticulture and Floriculture
5. Cultivation of Tea in Non-traditional Areas
6. Commercial cultivation of Strawberry
7. Production of True Potato Seed
8. Agricultural product formulations
9. Large scale manufacturing of vermicompost, Organic manure etc
10. Technology on mineral rich vermicompost
11. Large scale manufacturing of microbial Biofertilizer, Biopesticides, Biofungicides etc
12. Establishment of Soil Testing and microbial Biofertlizer manufacturing laboratory
13. Animal Husbandry
14. Emu Farming
15. Pig Farming
16. Dry land Farming
17. Solid waste management