Training Programme

About Training Programme

Short Term Training Programmes are conducted in association with Science and Technology Entrepreneur's Park IIT, Kharagpur.
The training includes theoretical classes, Lab classes, and hands on practical training. Mostly training classes are conducted by the experienced Post Doc Fellows, IIT alumni, Faculties of Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur, Rural Development Centre, IIT Kharagpur ,Officials of different Govt and Non Govt agencies. Fooding and accommodations are provided depending on the type and length of training. All courses/ trainings will be displayed in the Announcement Section of the Home page. Since seats are limited seats will be occupied on "First Come, First Serve" basis. Science and Technology Entrepreneur's Park, IIT Kharagpur will provide certificates for the trainings/ course.
The different topics of the courses are as follows.

1. Organic farming
2. Biodynamic farming
3. Vermicomposting
4. Green house technology
5. Soil Testing
6. Animal Husbandry
7. Fisheries
8. Cultivation of commercial crops
9. Agricultural implements